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Our mission is to provide superior service to business owners and entrepreneurs through leadership, experience and knowledge. We are committed to passionately exceed our customer’s expectations, and we engage in honest, loyal and ethical business practices. We maintain an ongoing commitment to serve our communities by contributing our time and financial resources.

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To be the leading technology and internet marketing consultant in the Hampton Roads area and San Diego Metropolitan areas, providing an exceptional learning experience to every client.


Mark Kolodziej - JumpSwell

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No trusty crew goes out into the darkness without a satchel of tools and weapons. Arm yourself today with our JumpSwell exclusives. Business Cards, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Postcard Designs, Real Estate Marketing, Finance Sheets, Recruiting Fliers, Banner Ads, Logos, Websites, Personal Training, Custom Produced Property Videos, School Team Schedules for Sports Fundraising, Custom Ads and More

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Mark Kolodziej

Internet Technology Marketing Consultant

Phone number: +(1) 858 220 8650
Website: www.markkolodziej.com
E-mail: kiloj757@gmail.com.com


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The Captain's Log

  • 2005-future

    Internet Technology Marketing Consultant @ JumpSwell

    JumpSwell services are custom marketing and training campaigns that can change the direction of a business and help one to succeed in the vast ocean of possibilities. If you are ready to set sail, hoist the anchors and release the mainsail we are here to help with all aspects of learning the technology that can help put you on the right course.

  • 2011-future

    JumpSwell Captain @ ERA Real Estate Professionals

    Consultant to creative marketing team and employers. Provided development and training in all aspects of creating highly engaging advertising platforms, ad copy, presentations and media content based on varying skill levels. Provided education to increase productivity by providing personal training sessions to employees and management on how to effectively integrate Google Applications into everyday work routine. Optimize creativity avenues to help the team effectively conceptualize, script and produce their own custom company videos, articles and social media content based on timely industry topics. Improved understanding of custom website content build and how to edit, add and effectively utilize their multiple different CMS and CRM platforms to customize lead generation campaigns.

    Training Programs Included: Photoshop, Wordpress, Joomla, PowerPoint, AfterEffects, Soundbooth, Adwerx, Postcron, Excel, Google Apps, Word, Gmail, Android OS, AppleIOS

  • 2012-2014

    Internet Technology Marketing Consultant and Sales Development Manager @ Dynamic Technologies

    Managed sales, marketing and brand development techniques through online and print media. Formed a highly effective marketing plan by developing an understanding of the brand's target market to achieve profit and long term potential. Managed online profiles, social networking, blog writing, branding guidelines, site development and generated sales leads and business partnerships.

Reviews From The Galley

  • Mike Nishnick

    Director Of Lead Management and Kempsville Broker@ERA Real Estate Professionals - Hampton Roads

    Mark is very detailed oriented and produces great results for our company. His skills and creativity have become a huge asset to us.

  • Justin Junda

    Senior Software Engineer@ LampPost Group Investors

    Not only is Mark a sharp, talented guy. He's also fun to work with. Mark shares a visions for creative thinking and has a high aptitude for anything he touches. He excels in many things from creative design, content, and even programming/markup. Making Mark an all around awesome team member. I recommend mark to anyone looking for a hard worker that thinks about the problem.

  • Brian Sheerin

    Manager @ Osiorain Managment

    Mark has produced some creative and eye catching work for our business and he always offers several options and sends results in a timely manner. I highly recommend that you trust Mark with your quick turnaround jobs.

  • Alison Fried

    Founder / CEO @ Alison Freed VoiceOver

    Mark is awesome. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with graphics, or their website. March 20, 2013, Alison was Mark's client

  • Ken Kolodziej

    Branch Manager @ Kenstock Professional Associates

    He is very creative, but most importantly very honest and dependable.

  • Alexandra Smyth

    Bartender@ The Tap n Still - Virgin Islands

    As a client and a colleague, Mark creates an entertaining, relaxed atmosphere while remaining dedicated, focused, and motivated to his work. He is always striving to improve and gain knowledge in all aspects of his professional life. His welcoming presence has helped him effectively network and build many long lasting connections among several different industries. Mark will succeed in any position with his positive, down-to-earth, hard working attitude. If he ever makes it back to San Diego, he is presence is always welcome in our office. Keep up the good work and I'm sure we will cross paths in the future. Thank you for always keeping it honest and real - your ethical business practices helps you stand out from your competitors.

Skills & Things about me

html & css
Web Developer


If you are frustrated with technology, relax and let JumpSwell help you put your worries to the winds.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

How do I create a logo?

Recently just got done helping a friend that owns a catering business rehabilitate their website. We didn't do much besides add a blog and re-arrange the pages to flow more smoothly and look more professional.

The big part was that we were able to show him how his website was built. Someone had purchased, as a gift, a website package for him from GoDaddy. Now anyone that knows anything about building web content knows, GoDaddy is not the best platform to build websites with.

Not only do they limit what you are able to do and hide access to key parts of your website, but every time you try and call them, they will try and sell you something that should be included.

And more than that, their website builder is cookie cutter and not very dynamic.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my GoDaddy rant.. which I could go on and on about, let me get to how to create a most perfect logo for your business.

Like many others my friend did not know where to start when he asked me, "How do I create a logo?" It seems pretty clear cut, especially if you are reading this, since you are likely already an active Googler!

But maybe your friend or someone you know isn't and you can print this article out and hand it to them :) or e-mail it to them!

Or even better, instead of buying them a crappy GoDaddy website subscription, buy them a consultation with Jumpswell so they don't get stuck with something they don't like.

So I told him, Google logo generators. Here is the actual conversation that took place.

Hey I need to work on this logo on the gift a chef page.. Where should I go to do that
Okay i googled logo generator and found this site http://www.logogenie.net/business-domain/food-restauration/chef and pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/explore/chef-logo/ and the search logo generator gives me this site http://www.designmantic.com/index12?utm_expid=68723407-23.SLdNNZJlRqWI36f2cKxbOA.1&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com that looks good... like i was saying.. get a good idea of what you want and screenshot it on mac is command key + shift + 4 and send it to me and i can remake it for you

Ok sounds good lemme see how far I get

Oh this is tight player !

So you can generate whatever I like off here ?
Yeah thats what i do!

That's what's up

Lemme see what I see
13 hours ago
Hows the logo search coming?! Theres a lot out there huh?

Yeah still working on it, I need to find some progressive style logos, everything i see is VERY elementary
Yeah just keep in mind simetimes a simple logo can say the most.
.google cool food logos and look at the images that google finds
"Cool food logos
Ok so in a nutshell, using Google to get ideas is the best place to start. There are tons of options and customizations that can take place but just getting an idea of where to start is a lot of times the hardest part.

Your logo has to be something you are proud of. Also, it needs to be something that represents what your company stands for.

If you are a catering company that caters to high end customers, you want your logo to look professional and clean cut. If you are a caterer that caters BBQ events and parties, you want your logo to look maybe animated and loosely put together.

However you go about it, Google images, Pinterest and logo generators are going to be your best bet to put your creative foot in the dirt and start getting feel for the course.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tell Me More About Mark Kolodziej


A passionate learner and continuing entrepreneur. I am interested in all aspects of technology and look forward to meeting and helping like-minded individuals that want to expand their businesses and learn how to market themselves using print media, mobile devices, web applications, social media and website exposure. 

I am available as a tutor, friend and mentor offering my services to help guide and nurture your brand. The JumpSwell name is a what happens when you jump on an idea and ride the rising tide to the end. The ripples that you leave behind are the wake that happen when your idea touches the lives of others. The opportunities are endless and often times overwhelming, which is why so many like to have JumpSwell on their side when the current starts flowing in their direction.


What can we do


We love when when clients tell us they spent 2 weeks trying to figure out something we were able to explain in minutes. That is our bread and butter, and the basis of our company's success.

Web Design

Whether you chose to build a Wordpress site, Blogger site, GoDaddy site etc. I have worked with them all and can help you find the right mix of compatability with your online presence.

Search Engine Marketing

Getting your site to show up organically takes a lot of work. It is no easy task especially if there is a lot of competition in your market. We will fuel your vessel and stock the galley with all the essentials that will help you forge ahead.


A solid SEO plan and the ability to follow up using digital technology is essential to the modern day business. Allow us to guide you through the virtual sea of blogs, cell phones, email platforms, hosting, and all the other scary terms us tech guys like to throw around.


We offer one-on-one coaching and assistance with all of your tech needs. We have no problem explaining everything in detail and laying out proper techniques and usage every step of the way. After a few sessions you will be the Commander In Chief of a Shiny New Ship!

Full Service

If you are the kind that just wants to sit on the back deck and let someone else drive your boat that's cool too. We provide site builds, networking campaigns, hosting, domain name research, custom advertising and more.


Get in touch with us


2309 Mooring Place Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone number

+(1) 858 220 8650